Sunday, June 9, 2013

"No such agency" doing a great job of keeping out of the headlines

How long ago did that Boston thing happen?  I feel like it wasn't that long ago, but it has apparently totally vanished from our collective memory.

I'd have thought you'd get this NSA scandal and everyone would start doing the hand count to doom, you know, "FIRST (hold up pointer finger and point at it with your other pointer finger) they shut down a major city to get one guy that wasn't even a threat, SECOND.." etc.  But nope.  NSA scandal apparently is not related in America's mind.  Maybe it's because the media was pretty sure we all were ok with closing down Boston.  ("That place blows anyway.") Or maybe it's because the media moguls have drawn a line as to what we're allowed to not be ok with and what we can be ok with.  Nah.

I'm also kind of amazed how long it took for anyone to refer to the last time we found this out under the Bush Administration when the Times leaked it.

I'm not particularly surprised that conservatives are enraged and Democrats are called "civil libertarians" or something weird like that if they care.  Are you actually bothered by the lack of privacy?  Then you're in this subgroup that doesn't make policy in this country anymore.  Also, the Supreme Court evidently no longer thinks the Constitution means what you think it means, so your DNA is going into a master database with your Social Security number.  Yeah, the acronym is SS.  Weird right?  Funny coincidences abound.  Now open your mouth for the swab.

Everyone else that cares is mostly just freaking because Obama is supposed to be a muslim communist that wants to sell our women and enslave our men as revenge for slavery EVEN THOUGH SLAVERY IS WHAT GOT BLACK PEOPLE TO THE GREATEST NATION ON EARTH AND WITHOUT IT THEY'D BE STARVING IN AFRICA!  And the inane ranting goes on.  Big sigh.

I guess I'm bothered, personally, by the fact that the government as a whole, all three branches, have agreed that our liberty has shrunk a ton and we just have to deal with it.  But I'm also at a point in my life where since things are going well I'm unlikely to get up and start some social protest movement to do something about it.  I'm kind of counting on the ACLU to do it's damn job.  But since the Supreme Court doesn't care, that's not going anywhere fast.

And realistically, I'm not in a place that is the focus of a lot of government stuff, some sure, but not a ton.  Ruby Ridge kind of put the feds in their place.  Of course, with this area having been taken over by the conservatives from socal thanks to decades of white flight, Ruby Ridge would likely turn out different if it happened again today.

I mean the trial, not the event.

Anyway, assuming the only way to get our freedom back is democratically, that means we have to vote in people that will actually stop what is happening.

Vote!  That's the message.  Vote your heart out.  And hope they actually do it instead of simply farming it out to a private company to do for them.

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