Thursday, August 15, 2013

And the taxpayer need not fear!

Idaho decreed not terribly long ago that criminals should pay restitution.

Well, yeah.  But they made it bigger.  And longer.  And more.  Insane.

So now- you break the law, YOU PAY.  FOR REALS.

The Idaho Court of Appeal recently release this wonderful "unpublished" opinion:

So what we learn is- you can be forced to pay the salary of every cop that worked on your case.  Fuck, they don't even have to show up and testify to doing the work- one cop showing up and guessing at their salaries is fine, and that memo saying what the hours was- shit we're good.

Admittedly, it would be great if criminals paid the wages of their own prosecution and imprisonment.  But of course they can't.  They're fucking poor as shit.  Chongphaisane is, according to this, a drug dealer.  So he has a ton of money all of which was already taken by the state.  So what the fuck is the point?

Oh I know, let's make him a slave to our government forever!  That'll teach'im.

I've never, ever, seen a judge do this.  Maybe it is only saved for rich defendants.  But laws shouldn't be that discretionary.  That allows for abuse.  And no one abuses the law quite like a prosecutor.

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