Sunday, October 27, 2013

Reason and Rape

If a boy and girl in high school meet and have sex, do you charged both with rape?  Neither can consent.  And according to the media lately, they "assaulted" each other.

What about if she passes out first after they both do a ton of drugs?  What if she has a lot of sex with guys while on drugs?  What if the prosecution is being pushed by her parents?

None of that is relevant in today's world.  Rape is rape.  If you cross the line of consent/nonconsent, you lose big time.  A life in prison or as a sex offender, which is, as far as I can tell, just as bad.

Is there going to be a day when people snap out of it and stop screaming for blood because bobby fucked sally while sally was asleep?  If these are reactionary times, reacting to years of treating rape victims like shit, do we ever get to a day where reason takes hold again?

Reading the news lately, that day doesn't seem like it's going to show up any time soon.

I hate rape cases.  I hate victim witness advocates.  I hate prosecutors that have bought into the rape is rape crowd's bullshit.  I hate that lewd and lascivious contact with a minor ever occurs to anyone as a logical alternative charge to rape.  Why don't we have a sleep fucking statute?  How is it that not one state has adopted a rape statute that deals with the mens rea of the perp instead of the victim?  Why can't we rewrite all our battery statutes- I mean fuck folks, just intentionally touching another person should not be a crime.  Isn't there supposed to be a prohibition on crimes by omission?

America- I'm glad you've started caring about your daughters.  But good fucking god, go easier on your sons.


  1. You have to understand that most of these rape laws are supported and created by man-hating feminazis who have their own agenda to fulfill. The other half of the rape law fiasco is brought to us courtesy of our elected invertebrates, whose answer to all sensationalized crime is to enact yet another law. Ergo, it's extremely unlikely that we'll see a return to anything resembling reality during our lifetime.

    Show me a genuine rapist, and I have no trouble sending him to prison for 25 to life. This whole thing about the age of consent and statutory rape is so much BS.

    1. The media isn't helping either. Essentially, anyone who points out how crazy this all is gets black balled by special interest weirdos. A public conversation is impossible.