Saturday, November 16, 2013


Supreme Court is going to be trying to figure out what to do about all this restitution for child porn victims-

Basic idea here is that the government and the people who were in the films are claiming that everyone that possesses the porn has victimized the child.  In some places like Montana that means looking at the porn period.  VICTIMIZED.  Bam.

The restitution is to be used to pay for the expensive psychological healing the kids need.

There's something weird about this, which is why some courts don't do it.

But there's something much weirder about the government supporting this position.

Because you see, the government is a purveyor of child porn.

All over, agencies have big databases of this stuff.  They allow people to download it, and then arrest them.

A smart tactic, right?  I mean, presumably, you'll catch a lot of folks that like child porn that way.

But um... if you also take the stance that each time it is downloaded or viewed the person involved in victimized- aren't you victimizing the shit out of these people?

Not all agencies are doing this, some actually have a fake one on their database and use this scheme differently.  But for the agencies that are passing out porno- I just have to say, wtf guys?  If we're supposed to believe that the folks are being victimized, maybe you need to stop victimizing them?  It's kind of like giving guns to felons to be used in murders and arresting them afterwards.

Oh wait.. the DOJ does that too...

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