Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Execute! (presses button) (bangs gizmo on wall) Damn it! (shoots convict)




And I can tell you, Idahoan that I am, what red staters are thinking.

"What the fuck?"

Followed by:

"So.. it worked out ok then.  We wanted to kill him, and eventually, we did."

We don't give a flying fuck that he died of a heart attack from his vein bursting.  Assuming he deserved to die for his actions, we could really care less how it happens.  I mean, days on end of torture might seem overboard, but this?  You really think we're going to give a fuck?

And then it's all, well, but like 4% of these guys turn out to be innocent.

That's bad.  No one can, accepting that to be true, say otherwise.  But I can already tell you some of us will tell you we can deal with 4%.

Fuck, it's like half our unemployment rate.

I read Camus kids.  I love Camus.  And I'm willing to even say, yes, Camus is right, capital punishment is philosophically and qualitatively worse than most things it is implemented for.  Particularly now that only killing gets the death penalty.  You want a good death penalty-real life comparison?  How about child rapists raping their own kids- I can tell you, that shit happens on a schedule of sorts.  Camus' whole deal was "what kind of monster would lock you in a room and tell you the day you were going to die?"  Well, that may not happen very often, but similar shit occurs.

Hell, that's kind of what we do to our soldiers, come to think of it.

Anyway, Camus, much as I love him, is not terribly convincing.  A better argument is this- who are we to give up on our brothers and sisters?  Why do we get to say, "that's enough of this, kill the fuck."?  Because when we draw that line, we stop trying.

What you may not know is- a few centuries back, death was the penalty for ALL FELONIES.  Dude.  Like whoa.  Now, we rehabilitate a lot of felons.  Sadly, there are many we don't.  But for society to take the stance of "nah, fuck this guy" sucks- because it simply ends progress.  We shouldn't say "ENOUGH."  We can't know when it is enough.  And if we leave them alive, pay for them to be alive, we have this itch, this itch to figure it out- why are people doing this?  how do we stop them?  how can we heal this soul?

Red staters- you know you claim we're a Christian nation.  What would Jesus do?

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  1. Actually we don't rehabilitate felons. We don't rehabilitate anyone. What we do is imprison people convicted of a crime for an indeterminate amount of time, then we put them in a halfway house, then we turn them loose. A few might rehabilitate themselves, but that's about it.

    As for our death penalty, it's been as screwed up as everything else our government has implemented. The government has executed the innocent, has kept people on death row for over 20 years before executing them, and has botched executions left and right. This is just the most recent in a long line of bloody fiascoes perpetrated by a tiny group of elite, robed pseudo-nobility enshrined by an ignorant mass of sheeple and given Divine authority by our government.