Thursday, July 3, 2014

What in the fuck is wrong with North Idaho?

Kid is accused of murdering dad and brother.  Ok.  Cool.  Whatevs.  So everyone involved agrees that this kid should be with the other kids in the juvenile center, not in the adult jail per the law's demands.

Because in adult jail, he lives in a tiny cell where the light never goes out.  As his GAL said, "fucking worse than GITMO" (paraphrased, but barely).

Everyone agrees- except the judge.

Read it here and here.  Listen.  I love Idaho.  I love the law.  I love the system.  But this, this might be one of the single worst things that has ever happened.

I mean... you have to understand.  Folks go to prison and we think they shouldn't all the time.

But to take an accused CHILD and put him into this environment..

Whole point of this system is that punishment can only occur AFTER you're found guilty.

For the judge to say the danger is too great but the risk is small?  I mean... what the fuck does that even mean???

If you can, give this weird judge a call.  Call representatives.  Call someone.  This is just too weird.  I've seen weird shit, but when everyone, including the state, agrees a child shouldn't be held in an adult prison, and a judge says otherwise- what the fuck.

And why is this asshole judge allowed to be on the case?

Ah me.  North Idaho.

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