Tuesday, March 4, 2014


It's odd the way that courts exist in this country.  History is replete with things like the star chamber, where badass old guys questioned catholics and had them tortured and executed.  We have people in gowns in rooms of various shapes and sizes.  A lot of courtrooms nowadays are built squat but wide.  I like the high ceilings myself, but I also recognize that not letting the judge be a football field away and raised a story about our heads is a good way to keep folks in check.  Acton's law and all that.

Anyway, federal courts are, in my opinion, the worst.  They were all built extravagantly.  They are made to make those who enter feel like the farmer in Kafka who will never have access to justice.

They scare the hell out of me.  I need a judge that will be able to understand the case from the side of my client.  I can never imagine those berobed bastards even being driven in limos down the streets my clients are stopped on, much less with the boot of of deputy Bob on their backs.

For all that, you seem to get more bad judges down in the pit, sitting eye level with you, than you ever do in the star chamber.  I wonder why that is.

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