Tuesday, June 10, 2014


Sartre has this interesting part in Being and Death about a waiter, being a waiter.  Lost in being in a waiter.  Same with a gambler, lost in being a gambler.

Philosophy doing what now psychology tries to claim it does on a "scientific level."

You are what you do.  For those moments, you are your task and responsibilities.

What happens when, lost in that, you forget the larger picture?  You are one of the trees now.  Forest is lost to you.

Laughing with the judge about a losing motion for your client, who clings to life.   You should always be on the side of the client, but you know some things you only argue for formality's sake- the rules require it- so you do it.

The joke is on the formality.  But for those not in the know, including the client, it seems like its on the client.

Then some no-nothing stumbles into the whole affair, finds your conduct offensive.  The judge and you agree.

All of this is offensive.

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