Thursday, June 5, 2014

Temper temper

So this judge in Florida has gone viral for beating up a PD.  I'm not going to give it another link.  It's bad enough as it is.

Comments have essentially varied between: "That man is no judge" and "That PD is an anklebiter."

(Nods sagely) Ah.  I, too, have bitten at the ankles of power.  And they were frail and overly sensitive.

Today (and I do this a lot, as do all PDs, so no, you can't figure out who I am) I lost my temper.

Judicial temperament is important because judges have to deal with a lot of people behaving badly.  Attorneys are supposed to be easier to deal with.  Calm, composed, making logical arguments with little or no ad hominem attacks.

Yeah but man, when you're in the hallway before court and captain assmcface is trying to force a felony on some mentally disabled kid or dying old person you can't always "keep composure."

Sometimes, you tell that fucker off.  You tell him he's a fucker.  He makes a quip about, "accountability" and you say, "yeah, you'll be held accountable, fucktard, when you see your God and have to explain all this fucked up shit."

Am I proud that such things occurred?  No.  Should a judge do such a thing?  Psh.  I don't care as long as it isn't on the record.

Do I punch the prosecutor in his stupid face?  I haven't yet!

No, you go in the courtroom and you do your job with an unnatural vigor driven by a cold rage.  And the judge and prosecutor (who is already unnerved by your display in the hall) try to duck your blows and keep things under control.

They fail, you win.

C'est la vie.

Or you explode and lose.  Like the judge in Florida.

He has to lose.

Rage is like a superpower in the courtroom if properly harnessed, but otherwise it bucks and kills the rider.

For the love of god, Florida, fire that judge.

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