Thursday, September 18, 2014

Techie..techi techy whatever

I am decidedly not technical.  My spouse is.  I am not.

I mean, I know most things a person with my background would know, but I can't do weird algorithm or what have you.

I don't use powerpoint in trial.  I don't have a tablet.

A lot of older attorneys are like me.  They see the tech crap enter our practice and they say: wha?  This is nonsense.

So today the ABA published this gem.

Here are my questions:

What is e-discovery?  Documents provided as pdf files?  Videos?  Anything you give the defense on a disc?

Why are taxpayers paying for a woman to "educate" attorneys on how to use the alt-f function to quickly skim tons of pages for the important parts?  And can you even ethically do that in any criminal case?  Can you just decide "well the computer search thing this lady gave me says no important words are on that page so I will NOT EVEN LOOK AT IT EVER IN MY LIFE."

Why is New York so lazy?  I thought their whole gestalt was that they work hard and wear watches and live hard and... other things hard.  I've seen movies.  Why can't they do what I do?  Read the discovery.  Use a highlighter and tabs to determine what is important.  I know pdfs let you do the same thing.

Do we really need to pay for this lady?

What is a legal rebel, I get the idea that it's someone that rips off attorneys and judges and taxpayers due to their ignorance... is this true?  Please confirm.

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