Wednesday, September 24, 2014


I have a client, well, I have a lot of them, but one client right now who really deserves some recognition.

A lot of my clients say and want to argue things that are pretty out there.  And so long as the story/argument is plausible and can be done in good faith, I file the motion or go to trial (assuming plea negotiations fall apart).  I spend a lot of time in court.

But this client cannot be stopped.  No matter how many times he is denied what he wants, he comes up with something else.

That kind of tenacity is awesome.  I am literally in awe.  I admire his never-ending thirst for what he thinks is justice.  If only he'd apply that level of devotion to his personal life.  Getting a job.  Etc.

And if I were a private attorney, his tenacity would be for nothing, since he could never afford the amount of work he creates.  If I were most PDs, I probably would have written him a letter after the first few failures and called it good.

But damn it, the most depressing thing about this is not the workload.  It's losing, time and time again, for all the wrong reasons.  It's knowing that, yeah, he probably shouldn't get what he wants, but the system is so messed up, we can't even get to second base.

But God bless him for wanting to keep going.  Someday, there will be vindication, I believe that.  If only his burning, fiery spirit and determination didn't cause him to suffer so much.

They're all suffering, of course.

Anyway, here's a salute to Tenacious I.  Hang in there, you bastard.

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  1. Sometimes it's just fun to watch someone fuck shit up, isn't it? Even if, technically, they really shouldn't be doing that.